My policy concerning  assignments :   This year I will not accept any late
assignments such as classwork or homework. This is a learning exercise meant to teach responsibility and organization. Other assignments such as  projects or written essays  of different value will have the following policy. There will be a ten point deduction per day up until three days after the due date.  No work will be accepted after three days late and the assignment will  then  become a  0.   

                              Thank you  Mrs. Diane Westbrook:

World History :

Select the Chinese Invention for your project, bring idea to next class. project will
be due on Wednesday the 19th.

Tuesday ,Wed. Thurs. Fri:
You will be working for the rest of the week on your project, it will be due on
Wed. the 19th

World History Academy:

Tuesday, Friday 12/10-12/14
Please select the Chinese invention that will be the focus of your project. It will
be due for presentation on Wed. Dec. 19th

Enrichment exercise Empress Wu

American History:

Monday Dec.10th
Complete Critical Thinking on page 95

Tuesday Dec. 11th
Complete Geography and History worksheet

Wednesday Dec.12th:
Colonial Life political cartoon due on Friday the 14th

Thursday and Friday 13th and 14th:
Etiquette  Books due for presentation on Tuesday the 18th

Friday the 14th  Political Cartoons are due on Colonial Life (SGO)

Enjoy your weekend    Mrs. Westbrook




African Mask Project Website (Please copy and paste the following link)