Mastery List Grade 8 Science


Time Frame

Students will have mastered the following:

September – June

1- Scientific Process Unit Description:

Students understand core concepts and principles of science and use measurement and observation tools to assist in categorizing, representing, and interpreting the natural and designed world. Students master the conceptual, mathematical, physical, and computational tools that need to be applied when constructing and evaluating claims. Scientific knowledge builds on itself over time. The growth of scientific knowledge involves critique and communication, which are social practices that are governed by a core set of values and norms.


2- Earth and Space Unit Description:

The theory of Plate Tectonics provides a framework for understanding the dynamic processes within and on the Earth.


3- Matter Unit Description:

All objects and substances in the natural world are composed of matter. Matter has two fundamental properties: matter takes up space, and matter has inertia. Substances can undergo physical or chemical changes to form new substances. Each change involves energy.


4- Science of Life Unit Description:

Organisms reproduce, develop, and have predictable life cycles. Organisms contain genetic information that influences their traits, and they pass this on to their offspring during reproduction.


5- Energy Unit Description:

Knowing the characteristics of familiar forms of energy, including potential and kinetic energy, is useful in coming to the understanding that, for the most part, the natural world can be explained and is predictable.


6- Atmosphere Unit Description:

The Earth operates as a set of dynamic interconnected systems; earth’s weather and climate system are the result of complex interactions.


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