Language Arts Syllabus

Language Arts: Grade 8
Mrs. Yakovchuk
Room 218


Class Rules:

1.  Listen carefully.

2.  Follow directions.

3.  Work quietly.  Do not disturb others who are working.

4.  Respect others.  Be kind with your words and actions.

5.  Respect school and personal property.

6.  Do your best.


Unit 1: The Main Events: Plot and Conflict
A study and application of the elements of fiction

Unit 2: Through Different Eyes: Character and Point of View
A study of character motivations, actions, and effects

Unit 3: Believe it or not: Facts and Information
A study of nonfiction texts and text features

Unit 4: State your Case: Argument and Persuasion
A study of persuasive techniques, texts, and media

Unit 5: Echoes and Reflections
A study of universal themes arising from the Holocaust

Class Materials:

1.  Three-ring binder with loose leaf paper.
2.  Three-hole-punched folder
3.  Pen/Pencil
4.  Independent Reading Book

*Textbooks will be kept in the classroom, however, the textbook is available online and each student will receive his/her own personal username and password for at-home access.


Grading Policy:

The reading of material, the practice of skills and the reinforcement of content is critical to a student’s academic development.  Work completed at home is an extension of the learning that occurs in the classroom. These assignments are the student’s responsibility and will be evaluated through performance-based assessments. Students and parents can monitor academic progress via the Genesis Parent Portal at their convenience.

Major Assessments 50%
Each marking period will include AT LEAST one major test and AT LEAST one major essay.  As a guideline, if a marking period has five major assessments, this means that each major assessment is worth approximately 10% of marking period grade.

Minor Assessments 30%
These include quizzes on reading, vocabulary or literary terms, or short writing assignments.  As a guideline, if there are six minor assessments, each of these assignments is worth approximately 5% of the marking period grade.

Alternate Assessments 20%
Items that fall under this category for English include reading assessments, short or informal writing prompts, rough drafts, journals, group discussion, short presentations and class work.  Homework will be assigned daily.  Some homework completion may be checked through the use of alternative assessments (for example, reading one night may be assessed through a short quiz the following day). 

Academic Honesty:
Cheating, copying, and plagiarizing are not acceptable and will result in a grade of ZERO.  If you allow someone to cheat or copy from your paper – no matter what the assignment is – all students involved will lose credit for the assignment. 

If you have any questions regarding the requirements and policies of the 8th grade Language Arts program, please feel free to contact me. 


I look forward to an enjoyable and rewarding year together!
-Mrs. Yakovchuk