8th Grade American History Mastery Skills

                                      8th  Grade American History mastery Skills
                                                  students will by:

1. Create and interpret a timeline.
2. Read/interpret historical maps,tables,graphs,charts(e.g.natural resources,division of North
and South,etc.)
3. Learn how culture, economics,and geography impacted the development of regional
differences in the colonies.
4. Learn the importance of the American Revolution.
5.Learn the participants , causes and results of the Revolutionary War.
6. Understand the concepts of the Constitution ,the ideals of democracy,and the responsibility
of the citizen.
7. Define what amendments are and describe the process of how they are developed and
8. List reasons for the adoption of the new Constitution and the role of separation of powers.
and federalism.

9. Examine current issues  ,events or themes and relate them to past events.
10. Relate how Jacksonian democracy led to antebellum reforms.
11.Recognize the social and economic differences between the North and the South (e.g. population distribution ,economic stability, resources, etc.)
12. Learn the importance of and the cause/effect of Westward expansion.
13. Explain how expansionism increased sectionalism and led to the Civil War.
14. Identify the participants , causes, and results of the Civil War.
15.Locate and gather information using primary source documents,multimedia,and other
16. Write a five paragraph essay related to U.S.History