"REWARDS" Reading Program

REWARDS Reading Program

The REWARDS Reading Program has recently become an added supplement to our classroom instruction. REWARDS® Intermediate and REWARDS: Secondary are specialized reading programs built specifically for readers who struggle with multisyllabic words. Designed for a wide range of struggling learners and instructional settings, the REWARDS approach has been proven effective in increasing fluency, comprehension, and academic vocabulary. Students learn highly generalizable and transferrable word attack strategies that extend from the ELA classroom into the content areas. In REWARDS Intermediate and REWARDS Secondary, students:

    Learn flexible strategies for decoding grade-level multi-syllabic words
    Increase oral and silent reading fluency
    Expand their knowledge of general academic and domain-specific vocabulary
    Improve comprehension as decoding and fluency increase
    Read accurately, quickly and with confidence

Lessons RANGING FROM 50-60 minutes, REWARDS’ leverages the tenets of good, explicit instruction, engages students, and features a gradual release of responsibility to the student as their proficiencies grow. REWARDS is powerful, short-term intervention that produces long-term results.