ACE Program Schedule

Students enrolled in the program will attend sessions Monday through Thursday from 3:00pm –6:00pm. During this time student will complete course work through a virtual course platform while guided by a certified faculty member. Students may take up to four (4) courses while enrolled.
ACE Program Services

All student s enrolled in the program will receive support services from the program’s support staff. These services include, but are not limited to:

· Group or Individualized Counseling

· Organizational and Time-Management Skill Building

· Career Interest and Planning

Services like those above are provided to each student enrolled while they are in their sessions. Students benefit from the more individualized focus of these support services and this assists the students in transitioning back to the general population.

ACE Mentoring

Upon entering the program students are assigned a Mentor. This mentor is a program faculty member or administrator who has daily contact with the student. This mentorship is in place to assist students in having success in the program. Mentors will monitor the students academic progress as well as evaluate and update the students Individualized Program Plans.