Class Syllabus and Expectations
Class Syllabus and Expectations
Class Syllabus and Expectations English Department:



Novels and selections from our Literature Anthology that we will read as a class. There will be quizzes, tests, writing assignments, and other assessments based on this reading. INDEPENDENT READING:

Either self-choice or selected based on a theme or genre chosen by the teacher Reading will be done in class and at home. You are expected to track your books and make wise selections BOOK CLUBS:

Choice of book that you will read with a small group You are expected to prepare for and participate in your group's discussions




Reader Notebook & Writers Notebook entries We will learn grammar, spelling, and vocabulary necessary to improve our writing. Reading responses/open-ended responses Writing forms and skills in preparation for the NJ ASK


LONG--TERM WRITING: Guided Writing Assignments (writing forms, such as persuasive essays, narrative writing, etc.) that we will focus on using process writing You will evaluate your progress as a writer by assembling a portfolio of your best works Independent Reading projects and essays