Grading Policy


 #1: Be Prepared:

Come to class each day with the following materials:

  • Homework assignment book
  • Pens/pencils
  • 2 Highlighters (different colors would be best)
  • Binder (MUST be single-subject 1 1/2 inch binder)
  • 1 Marble notebook
  • Loose leaf paper (for notes)
  • Pocket Dividers for Binder (or folders with holes that can fit in your binder)
  • Independent reading novel or class novel
  • Lots of Post-it Notes

#2: Know How You Will Be Graded:

50% Major Assessments

Includes the following activities:

  • Tests on unit studies or class novels
  • Writing projects (essays and other writing forms)
  • Independent Reading Projects & Essays
  • Class novel projects
  • Writing Workshop Portfolios

30% Minor Assessments

Includes the following activities:

  • Quizzes on readings, word study, grammar
  • Short, informal writing assignments
  • Readers Notebook Entries
  • Writers Notebook Entries

20% Alternate Assessments/Homework

Includes the following activities:

  • Preparation for class (having all materials: pen/pencil, textbook, binder, Independent Reading novel, class novel)
  • Active, positive participation during class activities
  • Class work
  • Book Discussion Group preparation
  • Homework

Includes the following activities:

  • Nightly homework assignments (not included in other categories)


#3: Be Responsible For Your Work:

  • I encourage you to keep track of your grades and to speak with me often about your progress.
  • Much of our work in Language Arts is an on-going process. Many assignments require several steps before the final product (such as an essay or reading a novel) is due. These steps are extremely important to assure your success. Do not fall behind!!
  • LATE WORK: Late work (not because of absence) will be graded according to the following:
    • Daily Homework Assignments: One day late: 50% of grade deducted; assignments will not be accepted after that and the grade will remain a zero. You will not be able to make up a missed assignment at the end of the marking period to raise a low average.
    • Long-term Assignments (projects and final essays): Grade will be deducted as follows: 10% deducted for the first day late; 20% for the second day; assignment will not be accepted after the third day
  • If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to make up any assignments that you missed. Homework assignments will be posted on the school’s website and any hand-outs are easily accessible in the Extra Handouts Box. It is YOUR responsibility to turn in any work that is late by putting it in the Late Work Box at the front of the room. If you have any questions about an assignment, please see me.


****An agreed-upon set of class rules and procedures will be reviewed the first week of school.

Your behavior and support for your classmates affects your ability to positively participate in class.

  • BE ON TIME AND PREPARED: Have all needed materials with you and be seated in your assigned seat when the bell rings.
  • BE RESPECTFUL: Respect the people in your class and be open to their ideas.
  • LISTEN TO YOUR CLASSMATES: Listen when someone is talking and avoid interrupting them. Wait your turn to speak.
  • WORK EFFICIENTLY IN GROUPS: When working in groups, be silent and give me your attention when I turn out the lights. Contribute to your group and do your fair share of the work.
  • RETURN ALL MATERIALS TO THEIR PROPER PLACE: This is OUR classroom, and the books and other materials are here for you to use. Please be respectful and return materials to their proper place so that others may use them as well.