World History and Academy

         Welcome to World History and World History Honors Academy 7th Grade
                    I am Mrs. Diane Westbrook, your child's teacher this year.
    The World History course is an academic,year long course with a focus on the development and global processes that have a variety of activities including: Primary  Source  documents, maps, videos, debates, lectures, computer-technology assignments, role playing and projects.
Your child will receive a list of requirements:
1- A three-ring binder, with section dividers to help them with organizational skills.
2- A hard covered composition book for their Journal/Passports to improve their
     writing skills.
3- Covering their textbooks is important to preserve our textbooks as well as showing
     respect for school property throughout the year.

*  ‚ÄčPlease keep in mind that I follow the attendance policy as established by The Kenilworth
Board of Education. Please reference the student Handbook if there is a question.
                        I  Thank You for your support and cooperation this year.
                                         WORLD HISTORY MATTERS!!!!
                   A Chinese Proverb: "Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner