Ms. Pollock

Welcome to Ms. Pollock’s

Social Studies Classes!

2019 - 2020

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time:

Remind101 Contact Info for American History:
Text @pollock8th to 81010

Remind101 Contact Info for World History:
Text @pollock7th to 81010

Remind101 Contact Info for Academy American History:
Text @meracademy to 81010

Homework is given periodically throughout the week.
If it is assigned, I will post it on this page. 

Grading Policy:
Major Assessments (Tests, projects, papers, presentations, DBQs, etc.) - 50%
Minor Assessments (Quizzes, writing assignments, political cartoon analysis, etc.) - 25%
Alternative Assessments (Homework, class assignments, "Do Now"s, participation, etc.) - 25%

Late Work Policy for Minor and Major Assessments:
One day late  = -10 points
Two days late = -25 points 
Three days late = Half credit
After three days, a late major or minor assessment cannot be accepted.
Alternative assessments can never be accepted late because we go over them the day they are due in class.

Attendance Policy can be found in Student Handbook.