Mrs. Westbrook

  As a teacher at David Brearley Middle High School, I take pride in our school and its
students. I will work as hard as I can to make sure that your children have the best
possible education. I feel that the study habits the children practice in Middle School
will carry through their high school as well as college careers. Middle School is where
we set the tone for your children and their future.

Please know that in my  Heart of Hearts  I will always be a Brearley Bear who looks out
for all of the students in our school community.       Mrs. Diane Westbrook

                   What Every Student Should Know By The End of The Year
                                   Grade 7  World History /Cultures

By The Fall Assessment:
1. Take notes by using outline format and graphic organizer.
2. Analyze how archaeologists and anthropologists help us to learn about ancient civilizations.
3. Analyze  and  study  early  civilizations , their customs and traditions . (Islamic, Chinese,
     Japanese, Mesoamerican)
4. Appreciate our own customs and traditions here in the United States and define the term
     Cultural Diversity.
5. Demonstrate the impact that geography makes on our lives (ex: Hurricane Sandy)
6. Acknowledge the religious tension that is being expressed in our contemporary world today
      (ex: attacks on 911 and global terrorism in the name of religion)

By The Mid Term:
1. Determine the elements which distinguishes one culture from another
2. Determine which events led to the rise and eventual decline of European feudalism
3. Locate the African kingdoms and the products that were traded.
4. Determine why the African legacy can be called a History Denied.
5. Utilize writing skills to construct well written essays , focusing on pre-write   organizer,sentence structure , and paragraph development . (this will be focused on throughout the year)

By The Spring Assessment:
1. Encourage public speaking and presentation skills through class projects
2. Understand history of the Middle Ages ,Bubonic Plague,religious conflicts like the Crusades,
the arts and architecture of the time.
3. Analyze the presence of conflict throughout history and how it was handled.
4. Improve map and chart skills.

By The Final Exam:
1. Determine how the rules of law impacted civilizations throughout the world
2. Explain the importance of trade and technology and its consequences.
3. Compare and Contrast the different governments we have studied throughout the year.
4. Explain how religion and culture are connected through the study of (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism,)
5. Trace the spread of new ideas during the Renaissance , Reformation, and the Age of
6. Understand the importance of history as a map to the future.
7. Throughout the year we will explore current events and its impact on the world we live in today. Civic responsibilty will also be highlighted to encourage participation in our democracy
as young adults and future voters.