My policy concerning Homework assignments : I will not accept late assignments
unless it is due to absence from school . This policy is stated in my September
course requirements.   Thank  You   Mrs. Westbrook

World History:

Tuesday Feb. 20th

Complete the Document Based Questions

Wed. Feb.21st:
Complete (1-7) on 607 also the Aztec reading assessment  activity done in
class will be collected tomorrow.

Thursday Feb. 22nd:
Project due on Monday, you will work on it in class tomorrow

Friday Feb.23rd:
Incan Crime poem due for presentation on MONDAY

World History Academy:

Tuesday Feb.20th:
Complete Document Based Questions
Aztec: Close reading activity will be collected

Wed. Feb.21st:
Complete (1-7) on 607

Thursday Feb.22nd:
Project due on Monday for presentation

Friday Feb.23rd:
Incan Crime project poem due on Monday for presentation to the class

Enjoy your weekend                       Mrs. Westbrook