My policy concerning Homework assignments : I will not accept late assignments
unless it is due to absence from school . This policy is stated in my September
course requirements.   Thank  You   Mrs. Westbrook

World History:
Monday May 14th:
Complete reading activity from class, hand in tomorrow for a grade

Tuesday May 15th
Complete reading activity from class, hand in for a grade

Wed. May 16th:
Complete Ramadan word search puzzles

Thursday May 17th:
Rough draft for your journal/passports: Imagine  that you are in Italy during the
time of the Renaissance. 3 paragraphs due tomorrow.

Friday   NONE

World History Academy:

Monday May 14th:
Chapter summaries (Renaissance reading)

 Tuesday May 15th:
Complete Take a Stand quiz, due tomorrow for a grade

Wednesday May 16th:
Book cover projects due on Tuesday for presentation, may work in class on
  and Friday and Monday. Break The Code #1, bring to class tomorrow

Thursday May 17th:
Break The Code #3+4, May work in class on projects Friday and Monday

Friday May 18th:
Projects due for presentation on Tuesday,

Enjoy your weekend:   Mrs. Westbrook