My policy concerning  assignments :   This year I will not accept any late
assignments such as classwork or homework. This is a learning exercise meant to teach responsibility and organization. Other assignments such as  projects or written essays  of different value will have the following policy. There will be a ten point deduction per day up until three days after the due date.  No work will be accepted after three days late and the assignment will  then  become a  0.   

                              Thank you  Mrs. Diane Westbrook:

World History:

Monday Nov.12th:
Please read pages 513-515 and answer the assessment question at the end of the

Tuesday Nov.13th:
Complete (1-6) on page 523 in text , due next class

Wed. Nov. 14th:
Please complete (1-6) on page 529 , due next class

Thursday Nov.15th:
Holiday Essay assigned to Period 1, due on Monday for a grade

Friday Nov. 16th:
Holiday Essay for Periods 3,6,7  due on Monday for a grade

World History Academy:
Monday - Thursday  please follow the above assignments.

Friday Nov.16th:
Holiday Essay due on Monday, please follow directions on sheet.

8th grade American History:

Tuesday Nov.13th:
Complete Vocabulary Terms, to be used as a review sheet for upcoming quiz

Wed. Nov. 14th:
Study for vocabulary test on Thursday
Complete Coming To America English Worksheet

Thursday Nov.15th:
Complete Guided Reading Activity  for Section 2. due on Monday

Enjoy your weekend    Mrs. Westbrook

African Mask Project Website (Please copy and paste the following link)