My policy concerning  assignments :   This year I will not accept any late
assignments such as classwork or homework. This is a learning exercise meant to teach responsibility and organization. Other assignments such as  projects or written essays  of different value will have the following policy. There will be a ten point deduction per day up until three days after the due date.  No work will be accepted after three days late and the assignment will  then  become a  0.   

Thank you  Mrs. Diane Westbrook:

World History:
Monday Oct.22nd:
Read pages (485-487) answer question at end of reading on 487

Tuesday Oct.23rd:
Culture Assessment activity, to be collected next class

Wed. Oct.24th:
Read pages (488-493) in text and take notes using template gone over in class.
Study for Vocabulary test administered your next class, Period 3.

Thursday Oct.25h: Study for vocabulary test ,  Periods (1+6) Complete (1-6) on 493

Friday Oct 26th:
Complete Continents and Oceans Map activity, Period 3 Complete (1-6) on 493
Plus (1-6) on 499

World History Academy:

Monday Oct. 22nd:
Read pages (485-487) answer question at the end of the reading on 487

Tuesday Oct.23d:
Culture Activity to be collected next class
Enrichment : Shipwrecks

Wed. Oct.24th:
Study for vocabulary test next class
Archaeological Dig Project due Monday Oct.29th for presentation
Complete (1-9) on 493

Thursday Oct.25th
Complete (1-9) on 499
Continents and Oceans Map Skills worksheet

Friday Oct.26th:
Archaeological Dig Project due Monday for presentation to class
Close Up exercise  : African Natural Resources to be graded

8th American History:
Monday :Oct.22nd
Answer #7 on page 41

Wednesday Oct. 24th:
Complete analysis of political cartoon:Columbus Then and Now
Complete on page 47 # 2+3   Page 52  Vocabulary ,2,3,4

Thursday Oct.25th:
Complete Essential Question in form of an essay page 54  to be collected next class

Friday : Oct.26th:
Complete on Page 61: Vocabulary and Critical Thinking (2-4) on page 61
Colonial Content Vocabulary due next class.

Have a great weekend     Mrs. Westbrook